Dear Canarites,

You may reach us at:

0820-2571351, 0820-2571352

Query Corner facility is available in CanDLE to entertain queries from users regarding Bank’s guidelines on various matters.

We welcome Canarites to utilize Query Corner to the fullest in order to enhance their working knowledge in their day-to-day business activities. 

After logging in, please find Query Corner at the left hand side bottom.

New Podcast "Circular Talks - Jan. 2023, Fortnight 1" is now live in CanDLE.

Listen to the Podcast in CanDLE>Canara Samvahan>Circular Talks - Jan. 2023, Fortnight 1

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0820 2571351, 0820 2571352

(Mobile phone users may add +91820 as STD code instead of 0820)