We urge you to complete the 12 Mandatory courses at the earliest if not completed till date. The second deadline for completion of all 12 courses is on 28-02-2022. Timely completion will fetch further 2 bonus marks.


Quiz Schedule under Canara Nurture

Voluntary Training Programme for Career Growth

Duration: 07.00 pm to 10.00 pm


Topic: Credit Monitoring Policy 

The quiz will be held thrice every day, thereby the participants will get an opportunity to take the quiz once again (Three attempts) to check their knowledge. At the end of each quiz, the correct answers will be displayed and the participants can review their answers. If due to any network issues any quiz gets closed intermittently, the participant can try the same quiz in the subsequent hour.

The quiz is only for testing your knowledge and has no bearing on APAS, Promotion Process or also no remuneration is proposed for completion of the quizzes.

Quiz is open for all registered employees of the Bank regardless of Scale, eligibility for promotion etc.

We wish all the Promotion Aspirants the best for their upcoming Written Test.

-:General Instructions to Participants:-

·         Please take the quiz by opening Chrome/Edge/Firefox/Safari Browser in your Mobile Device/PC/Laptop/Tab and typing the URL “https://canariteslearning.com” in the address bar

Please avoid using Canarites App for participating in Quiz.

·         Please ensure that the Pop-Up Blocker setting is turned off. i.e. the browser should necessarily allow pop ups to emerge. Please use Google Search to see how to disable the pop up blocker for your device.

·         Once a quiz is started the browser should not be closed or Back button should not be pressed. If due to network/connectivity issues the quiz does not proceed ahead or is non-responsive, simply press F5 button on keyboard for PC or in Mobile/Tab pull the screen downwards and release it. The browser will get refreshed and quiz will resume. If the browser is closed, then the participant will not be able to resume the quiz. You will have to wait for the next hour for taking the quiz.


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